Advanced Healing Myofascial Release & Massage



I will need to have access to all areas of your body, so I recommend that you either wear, or bring with you, a pair of loose fitting shorts and for women, a pair of loose fitting shorts, sports bra or loose fitting tank top. My treatment room is arranged to help you feel safe and comfortable. Please hydrate very well before treatment and plan on extra hydration after treatment.


Our first treatment session will consist of an initial evaluation in which we will discuss your past and present medical history, your symptoms, what your day to day activities involve and activities that you are no longer able to do or are having difficulty performing. We will discuss what goals you would like to achieve for yourself, and address these goals with each treatment.

I will also be assessing your posture, looking for areas of imbalance. We will do this at the beginning of every treatment session; this way, I will be able to help you realize areas of improvement as they happen.

MFR is a gentle hands-on technique. It is not unusual to feel some tightness, pulling, aching or burning in tissue right before it releases. Most people are able to feel the releases and describe them as butter melting or tension easing away. You are always in control; if ever something feels too intense, we will agree on a word, such as halt, ease up or whatever you feel to let me know you need a break.  Some people are accustomed to traditional therapy where they are told they need to "feel the pain," or "no pain, no gain," however, this is not how MFR works.

Most people will leave their first session feeling much better; some people may feel their symptoms increase, only to find that they feel much better later in the day or even the next day, and some people may not notice much change initially. Much depends upon what your issues are and whether or not they are new symptoms or something that has been chronic for years.

A very important aspect of JFBMFR is teaching you how to release your own restrictions, so that you will be able to maintain the improvements gained, and prevent restrictions from returning. If clients do not take part in self treatment, their results may not last. MFR is a joint venture between you and your therapist; it is not one sided and it is imperative that you learn to feel in to your body and restrictions in order to fully heal. My goal as your therapist is to facilitate your healing, then teach you how to maintain the improvements we have made during treatment, so that you are not in a revolving door situation, as is the case with many traditional medical treatments. I am very aware that you are investing time and money in your health, and I want to be very respectful of this by helping you to reach your goals safely, effectively and timely.....I cannot do this without your help.



As noted above, we will have a thorough initial evaluation regarding your past and present medical history, symptoms and goals for your reiki session before your first visit.

You will be fully clothed during your reiki session. You will lay comfortably on my massage table, under a sheet and blanket while relaxing music plays. Expect to feel incredibly peaceful and relaxed during the session. Please hydrate well before your treatment and plan on extra hydration after.